Sustainable Photo Travels – Tailor made to your needs!

What are Sustainable Photo Travels?
As an NGO Photographer specialised and focused on humanitarian, sustainability and environmental issues, I am strongly committed to the mantra „Leave only Footprints -Take only pictures – Kill only time“. Due to my side job as a Zero Waste Coach for Zero Waste Switzerland, all my photo travels will be organised as zero waste and sustainable as possible.

Also, sustainable Photo Travels are there to help you grow your photography skills – sustainably! That means, you will improve your photography while creating lasting memories and unforgettable images.

All Photo Travels will be tailor made to your needs. Therefore, there are no fixed itineraries or dates you can click and book. Just let me know your budget, time and interests and I will put together an unforgettable, sustainable photo travel for you.

I believe in a travel that is responsible in all ways – socially and culturally. My aim is to travel as responsibly as possible, treating locals and their culture and traditions with the utmost respect while also making sure our impact on the environment is as minor as possible.

Contact me today to create your lasting, sustainable Photo Travel with me.