Travel with me and Cause Photo Travels for a good cause

Worldwide Humanitarian and Environmental Photo Travels together with me and Professional NGO Photographers and International Humanitarian Organizations – NGO

What are Cause Photo Travels?

Travel through the rural areas of Asia, Africa, South America accompanied by international and local NGOs and expert guides with years of experience in NGO assignments worldwide.

This lets you experience situations of real life, incredible faces, unique humanity – every step of the way. The travels are intended to experience the true essence of people and a territory, away from the tourist paths – and most of all to get to know the daily activities of humanitarian projects.

It’s a continuous discovery. You will be surprised moment after moment on these travels, while meeting and getting to know these amazing local villages and people. We combine our passion for photography and travels with our professional experience, organizing your travels with a deep love for the countries and attention to details.

The basis of Cause Photo Travels – responsible travels – are the unique contact and the empathy while engaging with locals. You will stay in remote villages, attend NGO activities supporting the community, participate to carry out their projects, take part in food preparation and last but not least work and photograph the life of the community from sunrise to sunset.

These are unique and unimaginable moments that only a slow, conscious and responsible travel can give you.

Cause Photo Travels Tours are designed for people with a passion for photography and responsible travels, limited to a maximum of 12 participants per travel. Thanks to the small groups and the close collaboration with the NGOs, you will be able to travel to destinations, tourists normally will not be able to access. A truly unique and memorable experience.

At Cause Photo Travels, we believe in a travel that is responsible in all ways – socially and culturally. Cause Photo Travels‘ aim is to travel as responsibly as possible, treating locals and their culture and traditions with the utmost respect while also making sure our impact on the environment is as minor as possible.

Visit Cause Photo Travel website and discover our next trips to Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, Peru, Mongolia, South Korea, Cameroon, Tanzania, or India. www.causephototravels.com