There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

I am a humanitarian, environmental and conservational female photographer from Switzerland.

With my images, I desire to transport emotions, urging people to open their heart and react. The reactions I am aiming for are versatile, they can be a simple gesture, a smile, a tear or a clear action – like a donation to a humanitarian or environmental project or the decision to join one of these projects as a volunteer.

As an experienced solo traveller with a passion to learn about cultures and to meet new people, I have seen a fair share of the beauty that is to be found in all continents on this planet. I have the utmost respect for NGOs and volunteers who aim at making this world a better place by giving a piece of their heart to help others who can’t help themselves. With my images, I aim to tell the story of those, who cannot tell it themselves.

I am an independent photographer with a background in Event marketing and Communication working for several NGOs in Switzerland. I am available for national and international assignments and collaborations, worldwide.

My area of expertise is in the field of NGO photography, volunteering, sustainability, environmental issues, nature photography, wildlife and nature conservation, women rights, gender equality, children welfare and zero waste.

I am a visual storyteller. With my work, I provide NGO with images to tell their stories and raise much-needed funds for their projects.

In my life I follow two mantras: „Take only pictures – leave only footprints – kill only time“  and „refuse – reduce – reuse – recycle“.

If you want to read more about my view to the world and my travels, head over to my Blog on travelflavour.ch or follow me in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you would like to join on travels – check Cause Photo Travels for all destinations.

For more information about my work, sales requests for prints or if you want to hire me – feel free to contact me using the contact form.